from: Night of the Living Composers II (10/28/04)

by Folke Rabe

(Comments are by Scott Anderson)

The diverse career of composer and trombonist Folke Rabe exhibits a wide range of influences, from jazz to post-serialism. Rabe often incorporates theatrics, avante-garde technique, and nontraditional musical sounds and ideas into his works.

Basta (composed in 1981) is an Italian word meaning, "stop it!" or "thats enough!" I have heard that particular phrase uttered many times in my home and neighborhood by children and adults alike. Basta incorporates many of the established techniques of the avant garde including glissandi across the breaks of the instrument, multiphonics and extreme ranges.

If you are reading this before the program begins, consider moving back a few chairs before the performance. If you read this too late, sorry.