TIMEPEACE (12/30/03)

"Dances of Greeting"
by Norman Bolter

(Notes by the Composer)

DANCES OF GREETING, composed in 1995, was designed specifically to 'clear the air' in order to make room for a warm, happy greeting to be delivered and received.  This 'clearing the air' technology was used in Ancient Egypt and Ancient China in order to disperse any 'atmosphere' that had been created beforehand by others, thereby providing a fresh, clean ecology in which the work at hand could be conducted...

"DANCES OF GREETING represents, to me, the model opening work for a recital.  It immediately engages the attention of the audience and invites them into the personal world of the performer.  A tour-de-force showpiece that also carries with it airs of innocent simplicity, it has the remarkable effect of preparing the listener for all the pieces that will follow while at the same time allowing the soloist to express a variety of 'wlecoming' moods and colors.  The atmosphere created in the concert hall at the conclusion of the piece is stunning - a moment I shall never forget."