The New Music Agency Winter Concert:

...In With the New

Thursday, December 30, 2004, 7:30 p.m.
Lincoln Unitarian Church, 63rd and A St.  
Lincoln, NE

Adults: $10, Students: $5, Children 12 and Under: Free

On the concert is:

Mario Lavista: "Responsorio in memoriam Rodolfo Galffter" for Bassoon and Percussion (1988).  Mexican composer Lavista created this work as a moving eulogy for his composition instructor.  The bassoonist plays a mournful melody (reminiscent of the opening of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring) while heavy drum beats depict a funeral procession in a Mexican village, and chimes represent the tolling of church bells.  Very sad and very beautiful.  Karen talks some about the work here.

Rusty Banks' 2004 work, "Bent Echoes" for flute, clarinet, guitar, sound file and 3 boomboxes. 
Read Rusty's comments about his work.

Terry Riley: "In C".  Written way back in 1964 (a generation ago, new music-wise), this work jump-started the Minimalist movement of the late 20th Century.  The mesmorizing and harmonic work consists of 53 melodic fragments, in the key of C, that any number of musicians - playing any instruments - perform at roughly the same time, yet proceding individually.  Kind of like a 10K race, with all the participants averaging 7-minute miles (the work is approximately 45 minutes long).  Click here to view the actual score, as well as Riley's performance instructions.  Joe Holmquist is working on a midi-enhanced version for us; the future of music is being created today, literally.  Some additional notes on the piece here.

Also, Dec 24th's Lincoln Journal-Star Ground Zero article by Jeff Korbelik is linked here for a couple of weeks, and then here.

 Hope to see you on the 30th - Thanks!