Pictures from The New Music Agency concert, "...In With The New", December 30, 2004

Thanks to Chantry Nelson for the photos.

Bent Echoes
Left:  Rusty, Betsy and Christy performing Rusty Banks' "Bent Echoes"

A nice turnout on a warm winter evening

our audience

  Lavista photo
Left:  Karen performing
Mario Lavista's
 "Responsorio in Memoriam Rodolfo Hallftner".

Right:  Watching mom play the bassoon.

family members

Rusty and Joe
The score of "In C" was shown for the audience
to follow along with the musicians.

Rusty and Joe

deep in thought Left:  Taking time to reflect during the Riley.

Right:  Listening to Terry Riley's "In C"

in the groove

Diana prepares for intermission.
Children are welcome at our concerts.

Thanks, Chantry!