Scenes from our first concert:  
"Night of the Living Composers!", October 28, 2003
University Place Art Center, Lincoln, NE
(Our apologies for the low light level.)

playing the contra
First up:  Karen performs Dorff's "In a Deep Funk"
for Unaccompanied Contrabassoon

karen and her contrabassoon
Taking a bow.

Betsy, Christy and Diana trade melodic lines in Altman's "Three Nocturnes"

Happy with their work on the movement, "On the Town".

Rusty and Joe
Rusty and Joe performing Crumb's recent work, "Mundus Canis"
("A Dog's Life")

Bad dog!
"Bad Dog!"

loud trombone
Scott telling the audience to move away from "over there"
before his performance of Hillborg's "Hautposaune"

drive-by trombone
"Drive-By" trombone solo