from:  Wood/Winds (5/5/06)

Pattern Study No 2 (1976)
by Stacey Bowers

Stacey Bowers' Pattern Study No. 2 was written for Black Earth Percussion Group in 1976.  The composer's instructions to the performers read:

- bass line should be played throughout
- move freely among patterns
- octave displacement is acceptable, as is doubling, halving, etc. the rhythm of a pattern
- repeat each pattern as often as desired
- improvise on the scale of the patterns (F mixolydian).

The duration is undetermined as is the instrumentation.  There is no specific tempo given for the ostinato.  The players move ad libitum between 24 patterns.  For this evening's
performance, the ostinato will be played by a MIDI setup combined with various additional analog keyboard percussion tracks.