from:  Wood/Winds (5/5/06)

Pipeaubec (1971)
by Andre Jolivet

(notes by Betsy Bobenhouse)

Pipeaubec by Andre Jolivet was written in 1971 and was commissioned by the publisher Heugel. It is designated for performance on recorder or tranverse flute with percussion of the player's choice. The pairing of flute with drums is historically the most primitive instrumentation known and, like much of Jolivet's music, Pipeaubec is evocative of deep, primitive human emotion. Like an earlier work, Cinq Incantations for flute alone (1936), Pipeaubec reflects Jolivet's fascination with exotic religious beliefs and irregular, flowing rhythms. We have chosen to repeat the first of the two movements to create, what we feel is, a more balanced work.
Kim McCormick, Paul Griffiths and Betsy Bobenhouse