The New Music Agency
First Friday Gallery Walk Soundcheck Concerts
Friday, September 2 and Friday, October 7
Friday, January 6
Old City Hall Building, 10th and O Street
6:30 p.m.
Free to the Public

Members of the New Music Agency will be holding court in the Old City Hall Building, 10th and O Street, during the First Friday Gallery Walks on Friday, Sept. 2 and Friday, Oct 7 and Jan 6.  Music and refreshments will be served beginning at 6:30 p.m. both evenings. Short samplers of the Agency's literature will run from 30-45 minutes.

The Agency (believing that music is, after all, art) feel that new and recent works of music should have the chance to be exhibited along with new pieces of visual art during the Gallery Walks.

The Old City Hall Building - in close proximity to many galleries - is a unique, resonant space, with loads of history.  Deb Weber, Executive Director of the Lincoln Arts Council and the Council's Executive Committee graciously offered their space to the Agency for short performances.  Many thanks for their hospitality!

The New Music Agency and the Lincoln Arts Council also hope that other performing groups will use this convenient space during future First Fridays.

Musicians exhibiting musical art on Sept 2:  Betsy Bobenhouse, Diana Frazier, Karen Sandene.
On Oct 7:  Betsy Bobenhouse, Joe Holmquist, Karen Sandene.
On Jan 6:  Betsy Bobenhouse, Jessica Lindsey, Karen Sandene.

Music to be selected from the following:

George Crumb:  Sonata
for Solo Violoncello
Robert Dick:  Lookout
for Flute Alone
Rodrigo Sigal: Twilight for Bassoon and Tape
Michael Isaacson:  Seraglio
for Bass Flute and Finger Cymbals
Melvin Solomon:  Etudes to Spring for Bassoon
Randy Snyder:  Boogie On Contra Woman
for Contrabassoon and Marimba
Tristan Fuentes:  Premiere (untitled) for Flute, Bassoon and Percussion
Cindy McTee:  Stepping Out for Flute and Handclapping
Robert Ronnes:  Coffee Tango for Bassoon and Marimba
John Steinmetz:  Etude #5: Variations on Streets of Laredo for Bassoon

Allan Blank:  Lines for Unaccompanied Contrabassoon

On January 6:

Nikola Resanovic:
for Clarinet and Soundfile
Stacey Bowers:  Rolling Thunder for Live Instruments and Soundfile

Tristan Fuentes:  Samba loca for Flute, Bassoon and Percussion
John Steinmetz:  Etude #5: Variations on Streets of Laredo for Bassoon