TIMEPEACE (12/30/03)

by Arthur Jarvenin

(Notes by the composer)

"Earlier this year I got an email from the composer Frederic Rzewski.  He had recently participated in some anti-war events in New York and commented to me that the anti-war movement doesn't have it's own music like it did in the sixties.  In retrospect, the Viet Nam conflict almost had its own soundtrack, compared to this war anyway.

"I read a review of a recent Rzewski performance which made it clear that Frederic decided to speak his mind on the issue, musically.  He did a piece that included him pounding the piano and shouting 'Stop the war!'

"Immediately upon reading Rzewski's email I responded in my own way by writing TIMEPEACE.  It would be fair, I suppose, to say that I am "anti-war", but more to the point, for me, I would choose to say that I am "pro-peace", having always believed that war is about the stupidest thing human beings do to each other, an activity that we should be deeply ashamed characterizes our species.  With that in mind, I tried to make a work that would affirm something I treasure rather than making a direct statement against anything, in general or specifically.