"Local, Late-Breaking"
April 2, 2005
7:30 p.m.

Here's what we have planned:

Shulamit Ran:  Three Scenes for Clarinet (2000)
- Dr. Banks (pending) dicusses.

Rusty Banks:  Water Above for Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano and Boomboxes (2004) - Rusty's notes.

Rusty Banks:  Portrait of Detention (on a poem by E. J. Campbell) for Tenor (2005) - Read about *the* most late-breaking piece on the show.

Randy Snyder:  Boogie On Contra Woman for Contrabassoon and Marimba (2004) - Randy speaks!

Tristan Fuentes: Más o menos for Sequencer and Live Players (1993/2005) - Tristan's thoughts.

More program notes are coming - stay tuned....