from: "Local, Late-Breaking" (4/2/05)

Notes for the work, Boogie On Contra Woman by Randy Snyder
(comments by Randy Snyder)

Long an admirer of Karen Sandene's bassoon playing, I hesitated inflicting a piece on her lest it jeopardized our collegiality. Then Joe Holmquist came on the scene - another innocent victim- and I couldn't resist plotting some mischief for the pair. All that remained was a concept, which came to me last fall while listening to Stevie Wonder's funk classic, Boogie On Reggae Woman, thinking, "wouldn't that sound cool on a contrabassoon".  Wonder inverts the usual texture by making the sprightly bass line the dominant part, at least to me. This was melded to a Steve Reich-Michael Torke-post minimalist - aesthetic (this is a bit logorrheic but, hey, I'm an academic after all). So the result of all this nonsense is a mercifully short, but hopefully entertaining sortie for the audience as well as the performers.