from: Night of the Living Composers II (10/28/04)
Lied Center's "Free at 6" (12/03/04)

"Conditor alme siderum" for Live Musicians and Tape (2004) by Tristan Fuentes
(Notes by the composer)

Conditor alme siderum
is a Gregorian chant melody dating back to the Ninth Century or earlier.  "Creator of the Stars of Night" is an English translation of the title,  although 'conditor' can also be understood as conductor or director. 

In this setting, each performer has two images.  One is live and the other a recording of them playing their part.  As the performers follow the score, they may choose to play their part out of phase with the recording.  "Out of phase" is limited to playing a quarter note or its multiple before or after the recorded image.  Playing an eighth note out of phase is allowed only when done soto voce, as in a stage whisper.  Dynamics are left to the performers' discretion.