from: The Agency Animal Show (7/11/04)

Panther Dance
from Dutch Suite

for Bassoon and Tuba (Euphonium)
By Peter Schickele

(Comments provided by the composer)

The Panther Dance is but one of four movements from Peter Schickele's (aka PDQ Bach) "Dutch Suite" for Bassoon and Tuba.  Schickele's scores always include humorous program notes pertaining to the background of PDQ Bach and the "history" of the works, and the following comments relate to this performance:

"Everything about PDQ Bach's "Dutch" Suite is nether: the country mentioned in the title, the ranges of the instruments employed (the ranges of instruments in the 18th century were defined in relation to Middle C; both the bassoon and tuba, therefore, were thought of as being largely below C level), the quality of inspiration and craftsmanship, and (probably) the place of composition, since the composer did most of his writing under the piano..."

We are utilizing a euphonnium today rather than a tuba because, well, Scott knows how to play the euphonium.